How To Use LinkedIn To Generate Targeted Inbound Leads

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Posting well written informative content on LinkedIn is one of the most effective ways to engage your audience and generate traffic to your site. LinkedIn is considered the best platform for publishing lead generating content.

The benefits are numerous and include:

  • Directly engage your target audience
  • Gain exposure
  • Increase your network
  • Steer the conversation
  • Distinguish yourself as an expert
  • No advertising fees
  • Drive traffic to your site
  • Generate targeted leads

There are various ways to share content on LinkedIn, we are going to concentrate on status updates and publishing articles.

First it’s essential to create awesome content. There is a formula that all the best content marketers use.   


It’s all starts with a great headline

A clicky headline is vital to getting a lot of people to actually read your post. There are literally millions of posts being uploaded all the time and what’s the first thing you see when you scroll through any news feed? The headline!

Follow this formula to write awesome headlines for your post:



Example 1.  Starting with a number – 6 Incredible LinkedIn Strategies To Generate Inbound Leads.

Example 2. Using a trigger – Are you using these 6 awesome linkedIn lead generation strategies?


Number first – Numbers are effective at providing a clear expectation for the reader so they know what they are getting into. Numbers establish predictability which is crucial in a world bombarded by information.  Interestingly it seems the larger the number the bigger the reach.

Or Trigger word – What, why, how or when to start the headline. Questions are effective triggers to engage the reader.

Use emotive adjectives – Awesome, incredible, easy, free, essential, fun, simple, effective etc are emotive words used to make your headline pop.

Keyword – The subject of the post

Promise – Make a bold promise and deliver on that promise. Be creative and distinguish yourself from your competition.


Write great content


Must be easy to read and flow seamlessly into the next line. The goal is to get the reader interested in the post.

  • Each line should be no longer than 1-2 seconds.
  • Use short sentences
  • Simple words

Content optimised for easy digestion:

The average reader skims through posts so it essential to structure your content accordingly.

  • Write clear and engaging subheadlines
  • Break up the content with highlights & colours
  • Use Images lists and quotes to break up content

Add value:

Your content needs to add value to your community. The goal is to improve on content that has already been published on the subject you are writing about.

Start by researching the competition:

  • Type the headline of your post into google and search
  • Read posts by others on the subject
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of similar content

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • Is your post as informative?
  • Is your post structured better?
  • Can you provide more value?

Cut out unnecessary content:

  • Nobody likes a word salad
  • Use this awesome resource to eliminate the unnecessary from your content Hemingway App


Using Status Updates To Share Your Content:

Status updates or network updates as LinkedIn refers to them are “short form” posts. Sharing updates keeps you visible to your network. It’s important as with posting in groups, to remember that LinkedIn is a professional network. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t share at a networking meeting.

Status updates are best used to share links, images or websites of other peoples content.

When posting include a short message in the update box regarding the content you’re posting. This demonstrates that you understand the content.


Get the most out of your updates:

  • Share content relevant to your target audience’s interests. Links to posts, videos or websites which will add value to your network
  • Images, infographics and motivational quotes often get the most traction because they are easily consumed
  • Highlight people that you think could benefit your network
  • Mention a recent event or conference you’ve attended
  • Highlight any company achievements or relevant changes to your business
  • Post a lead magnet with a link to your squeeze page. As a rule only do this sparingly with a ratio of 1:5


Publishing Long-Form Content:

Posting long form content is a great opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader. Publishing well written posts which speak to peoples interests will increase your exposure, grow your network and drive targeted traffic to your site.


When posting your own content follow these guidelines:

  • Speak to your target audience’s interests
  • Provide real value
  • Post at least once per week
  • Use engaging images
  • Use a great headline ( as described at the start of this section )
  • Link to valuable resources
  • Link to your website, blog or video


Drive traffic to your site:

Use long-form LinkedIn posts to drive traffic to your site by including a call to action in your posts. Insert a link which offers value to your reader.

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